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VFC Events :: Energy & Climate Change – Visions for a Path Forward

Portraits in Action

Join energy experts Tim Maker, Beth Sachs, Leigh Seddon, and David Blittersdorf on Thursday, July 7, at 6:00 PM at the Champlain Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Middlebury for a practical, clear-eyed look at what the transition to renewable energy may actually entail.

This is the second of five programs organized in conjunction with the Vermont Folklife Center exhibit, Portraits in Action: Pioneers in Renewable Energy, Environmental Conservation, and Land Use Planning.Our Gallery at 88 Main street will have extended hours from 5:00 to 5:45 PM on July 7 in advance of this program.

There is a growing realization among elected officials and the general public that as much as 80 percent of the remaining oil, gas, and coal must be left in the ground in order to head off catastrophic climate change. The implications of this for energy use, renewable energy growth, and a restructuring of our energy systems are vast.

While it is possible to identify the kinds of energy technologies and systems that will take us where we need to go, it is much harder to envision how this will actually play out.

What level of efficiency do we need to achieve and how much renewable energy do we need? Will society at large be able to afford this technological change? Will economically disadvantaged people be left behind? Can we do it fast enough? Will only wealthy nations have the resources to change quickly? Are our political institutions up to the task?

This is a Vermont conversation about a global vision for what technologies are required and how quickly we must adopt them at scale, but it is also a conversation about the barriers that stand in the way of full, rapid adoption.

The Vision & Voice Gallery program is generously underwritten by our season sponsor, Main Street Landing, with additional support from our membership at large.


VFC Employment :: We are hiring!

The Vermont Folklife Center seeks hire a Major Giving Officer.

See the the full job description here :: link


VFC Education :: 2016 Vermont Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program

Applications are now available for the 2016 Vermont Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program!

Lean more about the program and download registration forms here: link

VFC Exhibits :: Portraits in Action: Pioneers in Renewable Energy, Environmental Conservation and Land Use Planning

Portraits in Action

Portraits in Action is a multimedia exhibit that brings together the voices of pioneers in renewable energy, environmental conservation, and land use planning, and invites them to speak to the issues at hand. The exhibit presents twenty-five Vermont pioneers, activists, and leaders--a cross section that is intended to be suggestive rather than comprehensive, recognizing that there are many more whose work has also made a difference.

For over a decade, the Vermont Folklife Center has been exploring the roots of the environmental movement and the beginnings of renewable energy in Vermont, documenting an evolving course of action that extends from the 1960s and 70s to the present. Since this arc of activity has occurred within living memory, it has been possible to seek out and speak with the very people whose work has been an engine of change.

The exhibit pairs portrait photography and interview audio as a way for visitors to thoughtfully connect with each person featured. Image and audio are linked to personal statements written in response to the question: “What will bring us to the next level in meeting the energy and environmental challenges we are facing today?”

Portraits in Action will be on display from May 13 through August 6.

Exhibit sponsored by Main Street Landing, Vermont Community Foundation, Northfield Savings Bank, Blittersdorf Foundation and Cabot Creamery.


VFC Exhibits :: Life Under the Shadow: Paintings by Hom Pradhan

LHom Pradhan

Through the pairing of acrylic paintings and audio excerpts, the exhibit reflects the young artist’s experience growing up in a Bhutanese refugee camp in Nepal. As a child, Pradhan experienced challenging conditions among 120,000 refugees expelled from Bhutan. Despite these conditions, Pradhan found the incentive to make art, which helped him find and maintain peace and happiness within himself.

Hom Pradhan began to paint and draw at the age of seven. As a teenager, while still in the Bhutanese refugee camp, Goldhap, he completed the advanced course at the Institute of Fine Arts and Commercial Arts (IFACA). He then became a student instructor at the IFACA, where he taught fine arts, sculpture, and commercial arts to other refugees.

In late 2012 Pradhan was relocated to the United States, which presented a whole new set of challenges, including language barriers and cultural differences. His painting, however, has allowed him to navigate past these challenges as a visual, universally understood representation of a difficult time in his life.

Life Under the Shadow will be on display until July 31, 2016.

Exhibit sponsored by Main Street Landing, Vermont Community Foundation, Northfield Savings Bank, Blittersdorf Foundation and Cabot Creamery.




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